What Should Be The Color Of Your Logo?

Logo is probably the first thing your clients will think of when it comes to identity of your brand & color is the most powerful form of communication can be used in your design. Different colors in your logo can tell different things about your brand to your customers. Let’s break it down and see different color features and how to use them in different corporations and brands.


It is the universal color of peace and purity. It is the color of fresh snow. It can often be found in logos as reversed text or negative space as it works with any other color, anywhere, in any context.

white color logo
Symbolizes: Innocence, Purity, Fairness, Blank, Honorable, Harmless.


Black is used mostly by “high-end” brands as main with another color. It is the color that can be found at one extreme end of the scale of grays. It produces a feeling of the authority and power.

black color logo
Symbolizes: Sophisticated, Fear, Mystery, Dark, Sad, Authority, Luxurious


Red is an exclamation color. It is the most powerful color, causes blood pressure to rise and increases pulse rate & breathing. It is optimism & symbolizes life, so people who love red, love life.

red color logo
Symbolizes: Passionate, Danger, Bold, Strength, Angry, Amorous, Outspoken, Aggressive.


Yellow is the color of joy & happiness. It is the color of the sunny disposition, the idealist and the intellectuals. It increases concentration and speeds up metabolism. Yellow is bright and highly visible and that is why highly used on caution and other road signs.

yellow color logo
Symbolizes: Creative, Logical, Playful, Warm, Cautions, Confident, Fearful, Bright.


It is the color loved by the social fun loving people. It stimulate feelings of energy, balance, and warmth. It is often used in “call to action.”

ogange color logo
Symbolizes: Confident, Affordable, Creative, Adventurous, Sociable, Happy, Energetic, Friendly.


Green is often associated with the color of nature and freshness. It is frequently used to represent logo of Eco-friendly companies and products.

green color logo
Symbolizes: Wealth, Health, Regeneration, Life, Environment, Harmony, New, Growth


Blue is often associated with the coolness of the sea and sky. It is the color chosen by the education & the corporate world. It is calming color and proven to increase energy.

blue color logo
Symbolizes: Responsibility, Honesty, Trust, Cleanliness, Calm, Compassion, Integrity, Cool, Sad, Unhappy


It is the color of fantasy. Purple has both warm and cool properties, as it is the combination of red and blue.

purple color logo
Symbolizes: Intelligence, Royalty, Beauty, Unique, Ceremony, Inspiration, Sophistication, Imperial.


Pink is the color of prosperity. It is a softer version of red. It is the color generally considered as feminine color & often used in logo to add a feminine flare.

pink color logo
Symbolizes: Love, Femininity, Sweetness, Romance, Femininity.


Multi-color designs are trending method due to the web and more economical four color printing.

multi color logo
Symbolizes: Fun, Easy-going, Child-like, Multi-disciplinary, Authority

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